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“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet” 
― Henry Mintzberg                                        
Vistaprint image eyeball Vistaprint brand yourself, new york cityCaccioppoli-Anderson,LLC is a personal management & consulting agency, newly established in the entertainmentindustry, with over 30 years experience in PR, marketing andnetworking.   We specialize in professional representation for actors, writers,singers, models, voiceovers and career development coaches that need personalbranding to properly build awareness in the entertainment industry - of bothunion and non-union affiliation.
A personal manager can prove an invaluableresource to seriously professional performers. 

BUT a personal manager with a well-established network, years of public relations contacts and marketing skills creates anunmatched advantage for you.

Our main goal is to help individuals reach theirfull potential as artists and / or performers, and as they practice their craft,  we are managing their career path.  

Caccioppoli-Anderson, LLC will manage your career;guide you through the maze you will encounter as we take on the responsibilityof the day-to-day business of your career. We advise and counsel you throughprofessional matters, long-term strategic plans and personal decisions thatwill have a profound effect on your career.

Caccioppoli-Anderson, LLC can also help you find anagent, or help you to decide when to leave your current agency. Through adetailed research and development series we will identify who to select as anew agent for you.
The internet serves as an incredible platform onwhich we can showcase your talent and help you develop a fan base. On the otherhand, the presence of millions of people attempting to do so makes it more difficultfor any one person to stand out, this is where our PR expertise comes intoplay, and we know how to create your brand image and create a personal publicrelations campaign that will set you apart from the rest.

• We are confident and assertive.
• We know how to network with a well-connectednetwork in place.
• We’re persuasive.
• We’re flexible.
• We have excellent communication and negotiatingskills.
  • We listen!
• We’re very thorough.
• Our team is trained to multi-task.
• We know the importance of meeting deadlines.
• Over 25 years’ experience in marketing, imagebranding and public relations.

We specialize in digital and social media marketing, personal branding and public relations. We are a team of passionate, hard working, no-holds-barred, experienced professionals, where failure is not an option. Your company, product and service have a unique style that needs to be pulled out and brought to the forefront. You are not your competition - you have your own unique style - so why use a firm that will incorporate you into marketing plans that are over used and uninspired. 
We are known for designing strategic and tactical marketing plans that fit within your company environment bringing out your unique style, personality, quality and passion.  
Lets schedule a time to talk - which unfortunately has gotten lost amongst our ever-changing technology. It doesn't cost much to make a call and depending on your phone service, it can actually be free. And you never know, after we talk, we may find out that we can develop and build upon a mutually beneficial business relationship.  
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