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Your Success, Is our Success


Cacc​ioppoli-Anderson, LLC is a boutique marketing consulting firm that specializes in designing marketing and branding campaigns specific to your needs that fit within your company environment bringing out your unique style, quality and personality.

We are not limited to one industry, instead we are capable of working across a wide variety of industries; from new product development, such as: financial services, professional services, hospitality and health care.

We know how to brand you with the image that reflects your personality and the way you do business.

We choose our clients carefully and work with professionals that exhibit the utmost in character, integrity and work for the best interest of their clients.

Are your sales stagnating? 

Are you looking for ways to improve sales performance? 

The answer could be in your sales pipeline. 


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"MIND-SHARE” Marketing

 We specialize in "MIND-SHARE” marketing (relative public awareness of a phenomenon.), Mind-share social media marketing, personal brand marketing and public relations. Creating a strong brand identity, where the eyes will record the information and evoke an impulse emotion, will build mind-share. This will be one of the strongest competitive marketing advantages imaginable.

Your company, product and services have a unique style that needs to be brought to the forefront. You are not your competition - you have your own unique style - so why use a firm that will represent you in marketing plans that are over used and uninspired.


What are you marketing if you don’t have a brand? A branding initiative is imperative to a successful marketing campaign.

The strategy in a marketing & branding campaign is often confused with the tactics. However, the strategy is the foundation on which a tactical program is built. It is the theory that will move you from where your current situation is now to where you want it to be.

The business world of today is extremely fast and competitive. Companies need to have an edge that makes them stand out from the crowd, something that makes them more appealing and interesting to both the public and the media. The public are the buyers of the product and the media are responsible for selling it.


We are speaking to professionals that never had the task of producing revenue before and are now left to figure out how.

We can show you how to build and manage a reciprocal network that will essentially become an outside sales-force and when done correctly it will enhance your presence in your industry, bring in new clients and increase sales and revenue.

Our proven network campaign will expand your personal brand reputation and increase your bottom-line. Understanding the proper way to network is only half the battle - the way you present yourself completes the entire process and ensures your over-all success rate. 


Our “Marketing to Money” Campaign allows our clients to gain exposure to potential strategic partners or investors that may assist you in obtaining capital your company requires. We are not Securities Brokers and do not raise capital. We market you into “Money” to allow for exposure to money. We assist you in gaining that exposure and opening the doors for you, however, you will be required to walk through that door and close the deal. As marketing consultants, we will position you, through your specific Branding Campaign that will assist you in gaining access to your potential candidates.


We Optimize Your

Strategy, Marketing,  Branding and Success.

We do not use marketing templates. Therefore, you are never charged for services you don't need. 

Marketing is vitally important to the success of a small business, however, most small businesses do not have a marketing budget. That’s why we offer 3 – 6 month “Push Campaigns.” A “Push Campaign" will help jump-start your small business. 

We have the experience and background to consult, advise, draft and revise your company’s business plan, marketing and advertising budget.

Marketing and branding campaigns are a significant and vital part of the public relations profession that needs to be carried out with meticulous planning. Most start-ups rely on Public Relations to get them trending throughout social media.

We support Small Business!

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