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Marketing, the art of orchestrating exchange relationships, is the cornerstone of business dynamics. It entails the meticulous identification, anticipation, and gratification of customers' desires and requirements. At the heart of business management and commerce, marketing reigns supreme in its mission to allure customers. Hence, upon conceiving a product or business idea, the foremost consideration naturally gravitates toward its marketing strategy: "How do I effectively market it?"


As seasoned online marketers, we harness a sophisticated arsenal of tools and methodologies to elevate your brand presence and drive results in the digital realm. Our comprehensive approach to online marketing transcends traditional methods, leveraging the expansive array of channels and mechanisms inherent to the internet landscape.
Through strategic deployment of social media platforms and targeted advertising campaigns, we magnify your reach, capturing the attention of your target audience with precision and finesse. By cultivating a dynamic online presence, we not only amplify brand visibility but also cultivate deeper connections with your audience, enriching the customer experience and fostering long-term loyalty.
In essence, our mastery of online marketing empowers your business to flourish in the digital age, propelling you towards unparalleled success and growth.


As branding professionals utilizing cutting-edge AI, we specialize in crafting compelling brand identities that stand out in the marketplace. Our innovative approach decodes market trends and consumer behavior, enabling us to engineer brand strategies that captivate and differentiate your product. In today's competitive landscape, our AI-driven expertise empowers your brand to resonate deeply with your audience, forging enduring connections and elevating your brand to new heights of excellence.


Drawing on our extensive experience in finance and marketing, we specialize in crafting Marketing to Money campaigns that strategically promote your brand to investors and potential strategic partners. These campaigns are meticulously designed to showcase your business in a favorable light, attracting the attention of key stakeholders who can provide the capital and support you need to thrive. By positioning your brand effectively, we ensure that you gain the exposure necessary to unlock opportunities and secure successful deals. Trust our seasoned professionals to guide you through the process, from opening doors to sealing the deal, with confidence and expertise.


As seasoned public relations specialists, we excel in deliberately managing information dissemination between individuals or organizations and the public. With a keen focus on strategic communication, we navigate the intricate landscape of PR to shape perceptions, build relationships, and foster goodwill. It's important to note the distinction between public relations and publicity: while PR is meticulously controlled internally, publicity often arises from external sources beyond our direct control. By harnessing our expertise in PR, we empower you to navigate these dynamics effectively, ensuring your message resonates authentically and reaches its intended audience with impact and credibility.


As your dedicated consultants, we are committed to guiding you through every facet of your business journey, leveraging our wealth of experience to drive success. With years of expertise under our belt, we offer invaluable insights and strategic guidance tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're seeking to expand your marketing reach or secure capital, we provide comprehensive consultations on your business, products, and personal brand. From evaluating business plans and teasers to refining your brand and website, our experienced eyes ensure that no detail is overlooked. Trust us to deliver expert advice in financial and business matters, empowering you to grow your bottom line and achieve your goals with confidence.


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I worked with Margaret to help me create "buzz" around my product, a book I'd written that was published by a small press. Because the press was so small, the marketing budget was also small.

Margaret recognized that and was still able to work with me.

She developed a unique networking venue that was uniquely suited for my purposes. She is dedicated, creative, and knowledgeable, but perhaps the quality I admire most about Margaret's work ethic is her unswerving tenacity. She's driven in a way that other people speak of but cannot match; harnessing that for my own purposes was priceless.


Andrew Marino

 President & Co-Founder of Unik Advertising

What our customers are saying

Newell is one of the hardest working people I know. He works hard for his clients and always has their best interests in mind. I highly recommend Newell as a business associate or business partner.

Edward Cole

Associate Broker PA and DE

Springer Realty Group





45 Rockefeller Plaza

Suite 2000

New York, NY 10111

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