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The power of networking couldn’t be more apparent than with Margaret Caccioppoli and 

Newell Anderson. They met, while networking, a few years before they opened their marketing, branding and consulting firm.

Although they were in different industries, their experiences were intertwined and complimentary. Their relentlessness to succeed and their ability to outperform competitors were a direct match.

Margaret and Newell knew that they should combine their experiences to create a unique agency that would combine the financial sector with strategically designed marketing and branding campaigns.

They combined forces, On September 1, 2011 and thus

Caccioppoli-Anderson, LLC, -  Marketing, Branding & Consultant Agency was created.

They are not limited to one industry, instead they are capable of working across a wide variety of industries; from new product development, personal and professional branding, such as: financial services, professional services, hospitality and health care 

and many others.

They know how to build and enhance your brand in the image that reflects your personality and the way you do business. 

What our customers are saying

When Margaret and I first began discussing a personal brand and marketing campaign, I had no idea that both Margaret and Newell would be intimately involved in the process from beginning to end. The best thing about working with Caccioppoli-Anderson is the partnership and constant exchange of ideas that results in a cohesive, relatable and spot-on campaign.

Margaret definitely used her past marketing experiences to think out-of-the box and create a social media strategy that is so vital to my business. From visual images to print media, Caccioppoli-Anderson, surpassed every expectation that I had. 

I am convinced that being a boutique firm puts them in a class of their own.

Sonia Juran Kulesza - Werba Realty

Real Estate Agent, Notary Public

The Principals


Principal Partner

Margaret is best known for taking products and services from

conception to a fully functioning lucrative business. Her extensive marketing experience has assisted numerous companies to move to the next level.


Principal Partner

Newell worked with some of the top names in the financial services industry, where he was an Executive Vice President and focused on developing strategic solutions for select clients.

What our customers are saying

Newell Anderson is a dynamic, highly intellectual executive who has unlimited creative potential as exhibited throughout his career at Chrysler (where we worked together). He is a tireless advocate for process improvement and garners unwavering loyatly from customers and co-workers. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization.

Larry Bartlett

Chrysler Corporation - "Retired"

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